Microfiltration is filtration under pressure through membranes with a pore size of 0.1 – 10 µm.

SANI Membranes Free Flow Plate™ technology is uniquely suited for microfiltration

  • The Free Flow Plate™ Modules can handle large particulates - +0,5mm or more.
  • The trans membrane pressure (TMP) is very low and uniform even in large systems.
  • Very large channels on the permeate side handles very high fluxes with limited resistance.
  • Improved clean-ability.
  • Shorter CIP cycles results in more time for production.
  • The simple and open design is very sanitary and 100% drainable.
  • Large variety of validated and low cost MF membranes available.

SANI Membranes microfiltration application examples

  • Bacteria removal.
  • Yeast removal.
  • Skim milk fractionation.
  • Cell debris reduction.
  • Clarification of beverages.
  • Water cleaning.
  • Pre-filtration.
  • Particulate removal.
  • Biomass fractionation and concentration.
  • Cold Sterilization.

See Synder Filtration or Wikipedia for more information on microfiltration basics and applications.

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