The SANI Membranes sanitary Hollow Plate™ technology allows free flowing cross flow filtration over a flat membrane surface. The sanitary Hollow Plate technology is engineered to reduce energy consumption and improve separation, using less resources and securing high clean-ability.




The SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ technology is sanitary and energy efficient Hollow Plate membrane filtration, based on commercially available MF and UF membranes.


  • Using the newly developed Hollow Plate™ Modules in filtration systems will reduce energy consumption by 30-50%.
  • Both CAPEX and OPEX will be reduced by choosing the Hollow Plate™ technology.
  • The utilization of the raw material will be improved through a more precis separation and through the fully drainable Hollow Plate design.
  • The use of cleaning agents and water will be reduced.
  • The production time will be increased due to less downtime for cleaning.
  • The quality of the product will be improved by a more sanitary design.
  • Cleaning in place of the permeate channels is made possible by the innovative Hollow Plate™ design.
  • The Hollow Plate™ technology enables filtration of very viscous media and media with very high solid loads.
  • The Hollow Plate™ Elements and Modules are made in polypropylene and can be 100% recycled - this gives a more environmental friendly process.



Competing products in cross flow filtration plants are very expensive and have a variety of inherited problems. All current products have cleaning issues and a very high energy consumption. The SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ Elements are from the start designed to be as sanitary and as energy efficient as possible. The innovative sanitary design also results in shorter and more effective cleaning cycles. An added benefit of the simple and open feed channel design is a more uniform trans membrane pressure (TMP) throughout the system - leading to better and more precis separation.

SANI Membranes aims to be a leading supplier of membrane modules for sanitary solutions within MF and UF filtration. The SANI Membranes products will be sold through dedicated distributors and sanitary system builders. The SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ technology can be retro fitted into existing filtration plants or new plants can be designed to utilize all the benefits of the Hollow Plate™ technology.



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