The SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ Technology


The SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ technology is a new innovative way of designing sanitary membrane elements and systems for industrial MF and UF filtration. The objective behind the patented Hollow Plate™ Membrane Element was to design an affordable membrane element where the sanitary qualities and energy consumption was the main focus from the initial idea generation phase. The resulting Hollow Plate™ Membrane Element has a lot of added benefits as a direct consequence of the simple, open and sanitary design.


The basic principle behind the Hollow Plate™ technology is the Hollow Plate™ which consists of two identical polypropylene plates fused together with welding to give the Hollow Plate™.


Membranes are welded to each side of the Hollow Plate™ and thereby divides the exterior feed part of the Hollow Plate™ from the interior permeate part.


The interior part of the Hollow Plate™ is designed to transport the permeated media to two permeate outlets in the hollow plate with minimal pressure loss. The interior design also enables CIP cleaning of the permeate channels.


The individual Hollow Plates™ are welded together in such a way that the permeate outlets form a permeate channel with outlets from each plate isolated from the feed channel. The Hollow Plates™ are also welded together in additional locations defining the accurate plate to plate distance as the room between the Hollow Plates™ define the feed channel.


A SANI Membranes 0,35m2 Hollow Plate™ Pilot Element with 5 Hollow Plates

  • The Hollow Plate™ Elements are finally mounted in a polypropylene housing defining the 4 sides of the feed compartment. The result is the highly sanitary 2,5m2 Hollow Plate™ Module with a compact stack of Hollow Plates and up to 4 permeate outlets that only need connections to feed and permeate to start filtrating. The modular Hollow Plate™ Module can easily be built into larger filtration modules and systems by “the Lego approach” vertically or horizontally.

The modular 2,5m2 Hollow Plate™ Module A 60m2 Loop with 24 Hollow Plate™ Modules

Here is a video illustrating the flowpath in the Hollow Plate™ Module - HP1:

Benefits of the SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ Technology


The highly sanitary SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ Module is an advanced membrane filtration module that allows free cross flow filtration over a flat membrane surface. The Hollow Plate™ Module is designed with a sanitary focus, securing high clean-ability and highly sanitary products. The Hollow Plate™ Module is easy to service and engineered to reduce energy consumption and improve the separation process.


Download the latest presentation by SANI Membranes describing the Hollow Plate™ technology and its benefits

The Hollow Plate™ Module in Operation

Unique operation key features of the Hollow Plate™ Module.

  • Free Flow – 1.7 mm membrane to membrane distance.
  • Very uniform TMP throughout the system – sharper cut-off.
  • Can handle very difficult feeds with high viscosity, high solids loading etc.
  • 100% Drainable – no product loss.
  • Energy efficient - turbulence is only created at the membrane surface.


> Higher concentration, sharper cut-off


The Sanitary Hollow Plate™ Modules

Unique sanitary key features of the Hollow Plate™ Module.


  • Open and Clean design – Sanitary.
  • No membrane wrinkles – Sanitary.
  • No feed or permeate spacers – Sanitary.
  • No flow dead areas - Sanitary.
  • 100% Drainable - faster CIP.
  • 100% Drainable - reduced water & chemical consumption.
  • Permeate side can be CIP cleaned.


> Shorter CIP time, less water & chemicals


The SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ technology is extremely competitive in applications:

  • Where very sanitary operation is the key to success.
  • With medias of high viscosity, high Brix or high dry matter.
  • With media that normally needs pre-filtration.
  • With low trans membrane pressure – 0,15 bar TMP in operation.
  • With sharp cut-off requirements – uniform TMP.
  • Where water for cleaning is precious.
  • Where energy consumption is crucial.
  • Where CIP cleaning of the permeate channels is beneficial.
  • Where reduced CIP downtime is the key to success.


The SANI Membranes Hollow Plate™ Module will:

  • Ensure sanitary operation.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 30% to 50%.
  • Improve clean-ability.
  • Reduce cleaning time.
  • Reduce water and chemical consumption in CIP cleaning.
  • Make it possible to make new products with higher concentration.
  • Make it possible to make new products with higher viscosity.
  • Make it possible to make new products with sharper separation cut-off.
  • Make it possible to use present, validated membranes and obtain improved separation.
  • Handle high solids load.
  • Reduce lifecycle cost for the customer.
  • Remove leakage issues.
  • Simplify service and maintenance.


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