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SANI Membranes ApS will implement and spread micro and ultrafiltration  filtration solutions based on the Free Flow Plate™ technology and the Vibro™ technology, ensuring a cleaner and improved separation - using less resources. 

SANI Membranes ApS is a product and business development company within sanitary membrane solutions, selling through committed system builders, distributors and OEM's.


SANI Membranes ApS is a Danish cleantech company focused on developing and commercializing the innovative Free Flow Plate™ technology and the disruptive Vibro™ technology for cleaner, more energy efficient, more effective and lower fouling filtration solutions for the future.

SANI Membranes ApS is proudly privately owned by the founder and Johs. Tandrup A/S.



  • SANI Membranes ApS was founded by Henrik Hjelmsmark in Værløse, Denmark.
  • The Proof of Concept of the Hollow Plate™ technology was initiated and the first prototypes developed. 


  • The Hollow Plate™ technology was developed further.
  • Seed funding raised from Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation A/S.
  • The first lab scale tests were performed on prototypes.
  • SANI Membranes Aps moved to larger facilities in Farum, Denmark.


  • The Proof of Concept of the Hollow Plate™ technology were finalized.
  • Production equipment was conceptualized from prototypes.
  • The first customer pilot tests were performed with Arla and Novozymes.


  • Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation was bought out by Johs. Tandrup A/S who brings expertise in plastic production and assembly, as well as in marketing and management support.
  • SANI Membranes moved to larger facilities in Allerød, Denmark.
  • The production equipment was developed and set up.
  • Customer pilot tests continued with Novozymes, Bagsværd Svømmehal and several other applications.


  • The first products were commercially released.
  • 4 Fulltime employees and a number of consultants working with SANI Membranes technology
  • Customer pilot tests continued with Den Blå Planet, fish farming, industrial waste water and other applications.
  • The first full scale plant was installed at a public pool in the Copenhagen area.
  • The first full scale plant for protein harvesting and protein fractionation was installed in the Copenhagen area.


  • Introduction of the Vibro™ technology.
  • Introduction of the Free Flow Plate™ technology
  • Customer pilot tests continued in aquaculture, industrial waste water, municipal waste water, biotech, dairy etc.
  • Vibro™-LE won the FoodTech Award for best new product at FoodTech 2018, Herning, Denmark
  • The first full scale Vibro™-I plant was installed in Jutland


  • First GMP and FDA compliant Vibro-I's sold
  • Prodution volumen increased
  • Growth of sales team



  • A mechanical engineer with 30 years relevant process industry background.
  • Project management & technical leadership.
  • Execution responsible, VP Alfa Laval for Global Process Technology project and solution execution (Engineering & Supply).
  • VP Alfa Laval for Food technology segment (P&L +200 M€).
  • Manager of a Membrane business – Alfa Laval, Nakskov – membrane products and process solutions. Responsible for R&D, Fabrication, Marketing and Sales, P&L for a large Global business.

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BOARD - SANI Membranes ApS

Henrik Dalbøge

Biotech/life science senior executive with 30 years experience

Chairman of the board

Henrik Hjelmsmark

Senior Executive in Food & membrane technology industry

Member of the board

Andreas Tandrup

CEO, Tandrup A/S,

Member of the board

Mikael Bundgaard-Nielsen

Vice President for Product and Process Development, Novozymes

Member of the board

Werner Kofod Nielsen

Director and Manager roles in Membrane and Food Technology industry

Member of the board

Public Private Partnership

Vandkvalitetsforbedring i svømmehaller ved udvikling af ny energieffektiv membranfiltreringsteknologi supported by Miljøstyrelsen - MUDP.      READ MORE

Proof of Concept - Go to Market supported by Grøn Omstillingsfond.   READ MORE

SANI Membranes ApS is registered as supplier to the food industry

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